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base: the fundamental assumption from which something is begun

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Your first time at Base Counselling will go a little something like this:

You pull up to the business condo at 6732 75th Street and you notice that there is a good deal of free parking. Phew - you don't have to pay to park!

You walk up the stairs behind the glass door labelled 6732 and open the door on your right, #200. There may or may not be others in the waiting room, but you see a line of doorbells on the stand in front of you. You look at your watch  - you're 10 minutes early. Perfect; just enough time to get comfortable. You ring the doorbell that has Base Counselling business cards sitting behind it and reach into your bag to get your Intake Sheet, Payment Agreement, and Consent Form that you printed off our website and filled out prior to coming.

At your designated appointment time, your counsellor comes to get you from the waiting area and you head into the office.

At that point, you are in counselling. Congratulations, you made it!

At the end of your session, you pay the session fee directly to your counsellor (either by e-transfer, cash, or cheque made out to Base Counselling Services). You are given a receipt that you can use to be reimbursed by most insurance companies and you book your next appointment.


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