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base: the fundamental assumption from which something is begun

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At Base Counselling, your counsellor can come along side you as you struggle through trauma (physical, emotional, psychological, mental, or spiritual). Your counsellor can walk with you as you try to figure why you make the decisions you make. They can assist you as you explore the roots of your anger. They can be there as you try to mend your broken relationship, while you improve the one you have currently, or as you try to develop the skills to have a successful and fulfilling relationship. 

Counselling is about you, not the counsellor. Your counsellor can take the journey of self-exploration with you as you delve into your past to determine the base upon which your life rests. They can sit and listen while you struggle with past decisions, giving their full attention to you - something you may have nowhere else in your life. 

At Base Counselling Services, the counsellor's job is to be sure you are heard, understood, and feel improved. If any of those things don't happen, please discuss your concerns with your counsellor. Change takes time and hard work, so be patient with yourself as you take the first step to redefining your base. 


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